Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My baby is worth $147

A few week backs I lost my beloved kitty, Theo. It was in fact an offspring of my mothers cat and as a result of this had known him since its birth. Now, no offense to my kitty but he's a bit of a wimp. Although fighting skills aren't particularly needed when your twice the size of ever other member of your species.

I was devastated when he ran away. I still have no idea why. Aprooximately 200 letter drops were made and every pound in the area had him listed down; including the council.

But I had a gut feeling -like the ones you get when you know people are laughing at you behind your back or that the guy with the baggy pants is trouble in the making- that he was out there somewhere.

But anyways; a few weeks later I get a phone call and a local pound has found my baby Theo. Of course I'm over the moon until I find that he's up for adoption.

Its a long and tedious story of emails being sent back and forth and numerous phone calls, in the end I got him off adoption.

Tomorrow morning I have to go pick-up my baby.

Although they did tell me I would have to buy him back for $147. But of course he's worth it.

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